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From garbage to museum


Rewrinting the life of an object, of a tool, of a furniture. Whenever he spots something et takes it over, he already knows it is going to live again, but does not necessarily know what form it is going to take. It is however sure that it will take place in a new object concerto which will become an artwork.

An extraodinary garden : the artist's hidden garden is hoarded matter : Wong Wa's matter, which is salvaging whatever it is possible to salvage.


Behind ceramics, he uses chat he finds at the Flea market, scrap merchants, even abandoned garbage along the sidewalks. Every little piece of everything : wooden bed parts, furnitures, metalliv relics of broken bikes, multicolor plastics, rusty tools, etc. Either he can exploit their original forms, either he can work them out. They will be, either way, cast in concrete or assembled differently.

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